The following list of books, DVDs, CDs, videos, newspapers, etc., are media that we can recommend to you if you are contemplating a visit to this country. We have tried to identify three books, including at least one guidebook, that we would most strongly recommend you read or at least browse before you go. If you have more time and interest you can get as deeply involved as you like. You may find some of these materials more relevant when you come back and want to get answers to questions that developed in-country. We also like to recommend various DVDs with films or documentaries that you should find educational. They will also give you a glimpse of the country before you actually arrive. Most of these items have a link to Amazon where you can purchase them if you like, but some materials are not available at Amazon (is that really possible?) and have links to other sites. We hope you find this list helpful.

General History/Background
General Interest
Travel Guides

General History/Background
Along the Royal Roads to Angkor
By Yoshiaki Ishizawa
Weatherhill, Inc., New York, NY, 1999

From the 9th to the 15th century, the Angkor Empire was the greatest civilization in Southeast Asia, reaching from the coast of Vietnam to Myanmar, from southern Laos down to the Malay Peninsula. At the heart of this great kingdom ruled by god-kings rose the magnificent towers of Angkor Wat and the nearby capital city of Angkor Thom. The rulers of Angkor were great builders and engineers. They fed their people with a sophisticated irrigation system that made the Cambodian plains green year-round, and they built a network of roads connecting the capital to all the major outlying cities. Along the Royal Roads to Angkor is a photographic journey following those royal roads, featuring 165 stunning images of the many beautiful Angkor-period temples and monuments in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Many scenes along the road record the contemporary lives of the descendants of the Khmers, Chams, Thais, and Mon and Qoi peoples of ancient Angkor. An informative text discusses the rise and fall of the empire and the achievements of its rulers, while detailing important temples and other buildings. Top

Angkor: An Illustrated Guide to the Mounuments
By Jean Laur
Flammarion, 2002

Angkor is a fascinating, mysterious site, twice the size of Paris. Protected by UNESCO as part of humanity's common heritage, it is truly unique. This new guide by Jean Laur, former Director of Monuments at the site, explores the history and significance of Angkor in great depth. The author's great familiarity with the people and culture of Cambodia and his grasp of the Khmer language means he is perfectly situated to place the monuments in their historical, cultural, and artistic context, providing a fascinating, thoroughly documented, yet accessible guide to the individual ruins. He covers over one hundred temples in great depth, giving details of the construction methods and materials used and describing their elaborate ornamentation. The work also includes numerous maps, plans, and details of the bas reliefs and sculptures, drawn by the author himself. The guide also contains more general information on visiting Cambodia, and the history of the Khmer people and their art. As Southeast Asia in general, and Cambodia in particular, open up to visitors after decades of unrest, this guide is perfectly timed to introduce a greater understanding of the significance of this fascinating site. Top

General Interest
Culture Shock! Cambodia: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette
By Peter North
Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, 2005

"Whether you're conducting business, traveling for pleasure, or even relocating abroad, one mistake with customs or etiquette can leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. International travelers, now more than ever, are not just individuals from the United States, but ambassadors and impression-makers for the country as a whole. Newly updated, redesigned, and resized for maximum shelf appeal for travelers of all ages, Culture Shock! country and city guides make up the most complete reference series for customs and etiquette you can find. These are not just travel guides; these are guides for a way of life." Top

Treasures and Pleasures of Vietnam and Cambodia, The: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping
By Ronald L. Krannich and Caryl Rae Krannich
Impact Publications , 2002

This guidebook examines the many travel pleasures and shopping treasures found in Vietnam. Top

Travel Guides
A Traveller's History of Southeast Asia
By J. M. Barwise and N. J. White
Interlink Books, New York, NY, 2002

From the early Christian era in Europe, Southeast Asia was known as the "Land of Gold." It is a region blessed with a rich diversity of cultures, peoples, and scenery. A Traveller's History of Southeast Asia is a lucid and concise introduction to the histories of the modern states of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and East Timor, providing an essential guide for tourists and general readers alike.
The book spans the history of the region from "Java Man" some one million years ago to the development of the high-tech, skyscraper cities of the new millennium. It journeys through the classical kingdoms that produced such architectural marvels as Borobudur in Java and Angkor Wat in Cambodia, then explores Southeast Asia's growing trade with the outside world from 1500 to its colonization in the 19th and 20th centuries by European imperial powers. Next, the region's struggles for independence in the last century are discussed in detail, as are the dramatic and tragic events of the post-independence era such as the Vietnam War and the Cambodia genocide. The book's final chapter highlights the remarkable successes and failings of the region due to recent economic development. A Traveller's History of Southeast Asia shows how the region's soul has been preserved despite tremendous external pressures. Top

Footprint Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos
By Andrew Spooner, Aleta Moriaty, et al.
Footprint, 2005

"Finding untrammeled destinations has become increasingly harder in the "global village," but Footprint Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos takes the adventurous trekker to some of the lesser-traveled paths in the world. Filled with clear color maps, this authoritative guide offers candid reviews of the best places to stay, including a wide range of hostels and roadhouses. Backpackers can follow the entire length of the mighty Mekong River, stopping at historic temples, palaces, and pagodas along the way to sightsee or play. Here, too, is current information on where to buy the best silk and sample the finest cuisine in Indochina. Highlights include visits to monumental Angkor Wat and the moving Plain of Jars, a trip on the Bamboo Train, and much more." Top

Let's Go: Southeast Asia
By Let's Go Publications
Let's Go Publications, Cambridge, MA , 2004

Completely revised and updated, Let's Go: Southeast Asia puts forty-five years of travel savvy at your fingertips, with helpful commentary and plenty of listings to get you where you need to be. From cosmopolitan Singapore to the most remote villages of Laos, the new edition delivers expanded cultural information, plus more study and volunteering opportunities--the tools that will help you hit the road like a seasoned traveler, not just a tourist. Whether you'd rather tempt Lady Luck at a five-star casino on the Thai-Cambodian border or watch fireflies flit off into the night in Malaysia, Let's Go's intrepid researchers ensure that you're in tune with this quickly changing region. Top

Lonely Planet Cambodia
By Nick Ray
Lonely Planet Publications, Victoria, Australia, 2000

This is an essential, practical guide for travelers wanting to delve into the majesty of Angkor, experience Phnom Penh nightlife, discover Cambodia's wild and remote countryside, or simply soak up Cambodian charm. Included are 30 detailed, user-friendly maps; up-to-date information on health and security matters; vital transport details, including river trips and overland travel; a special feature on the extraordinary temples of Angkor; and a useful Khmer language chapter for easy communication. Top

Moon Handbooks: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos
By Michael Buckley
Avalon Travel Publishing, Emeryville, CA, 2006

Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are more accessible than ever before. For the first time in over three decades, it is possible to bicycle around Angkor Wat, motorcycle through hill tribe areas of North Vietnam, or cruise on a cargo boat through the Mekong Delta. Throughout the region, authorities are turning battlefields into marketplaces and tourist attractions. Logging thousands of kilometers by train, bus, jeep, boat, moto, bicycle, and on foot, author Michael Buckley explored all three countries extensively, getting to know the people, the customs, and the landscape. He helps you have a truly personal experience. Suggested travel strategies and lists of must-see sights provide you with real insights so you can decide where you should go, stay, and eat—without hassles or regrets. Complete with maps, photographs, illustrations, and special emphasis on leading destinations such as the War Crimes Museum in Saigon, Vietnam's French-built mansions and tree-shaded boulevards in Hanoi, the Angkor Wat towers, and the unspoiled natural environment and traditional culture of Laos, Moon Handbooks: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos has the tools you need to create your own unique trip. Top

Southeast Asia--Insight Guides
By Heidi Sopinka, Editor, et al.
APA Publications, Singapore, 2003

This 430-page book includes a section detailing Southeast Asia's history and covers aspects of Southeast Asian life and culture, ranging from Malaysia's ancient rainforests to delicious Thai cuisine. It also contains a country-by-country visitor's guide to the sights; a comprehensive "Travel Tips" section packed with essential contact addresses and numbers; plus many amazing photographs and 23 maps.

Thailand, Burma, Laos & Cambodia, Viertnam, Malasia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines are all illuminated through the guide's evocative photography, insightful text, and incisive evaluations. Top

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